Adult Electric Steps



  • Parking stress?

    Are you tired of searching a parking spot?

    An electric step saves you up to 6+ min/day on parking alone!

  • Long travel times?

    NO more time consuming walking to your office/shop of choice. No more waiting in traffic before you can even find a parking spot?

    With an electric step, park at the city border. 5km = GUARANTEED 12min (25km/hr) = NO traffic jams.

  • Need money?

    No guessing where I park my car… Yes that is a FREE zone. Or how many cabs/trams/buses I take…

    We have NO physical shop, so the same products can be bought cheaper or service included for the same price!

  • SAVE our planet?

    Would you walk, which is 5x slower? Or bike, which has a considerable physical and carbon footprint, due to the needed infrastructure (steel bike racks, houses, …)?

    There’s no substitute for the electric step at an estimated 0.335kWh power consumption AND it is easy to take on a bus/train for long distances.

  • Too heavy?

    Ever tried to take your bike upstairs/on a train? Or even worse, a folding bike?

    An electric step weighs about half a decent folding bike: 6 -11kg for most models as opposed to 10-20kg for a folding bike.

  • Wet & cold?

    What was once a 10min walk in the rain, becomes 2min on the step. The difference between cold & wet and warm & dry.

    Not convinced, we provide extensive knowledge in the best foul weather gear on the market that keeps you warm & dry, GUARANTEED.

  • Folds like a &!(§è?

    Tired of reading manuals, asking for magic hands, or even hurting your fingers in the cold?

    Our scooters fold in less than 3s. Unfolding, even faster!

  • Charging?

    2 hours

    80% charge takes 1hour

    50% charge takes 20min