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Some Paris & Brussel stats

De Standaard just had an article about the motivation of users to take an electric step. Quite revealing. Actual owners use it more as a replacement for the car, then rideshare users. Read the article here: https://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20190911_04602765?utm_source=standaard&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=send-to-a-friend

Prijsstijging Lime onaangekondigd

Vandaag werd opgemerkt dat er een onaangekondigde prijsstijging was van de deelsteps van Lime in Brussel. (Zie artikel: https://www.bruzz.be/mobiliteit/lime-kondigt-fikse-prijsstijging-aan-2019-07-04) Dit voor de kwaliteit en de dienstverlening te kunnen blijven garanderen. (Lees: de deelsteps gaan niet zolang mee zoals gehoopt, zie ook artikel San Francisco)

Mobility training in VRT

Thanks to Traject, Orstep had a chance to train future mobility managers in the VRT’s building (national broadcasting company), in Brussels. Everyone seemed to be very interested and engaged. Thanks to you all! We will share the content in a following post.

When to try for FREE?

Soon, there will be a FREE testday/-afternoon/-evening to test the electric steps and to talk with customers. When would you like to have this event/what would be your advise regarding timing? (Place: neighborhood Watersportbaan, Gent) E.g. Every 2nd thursday of the month, 17hrs? PS There will be incentives for existing customers as well. 😉


Knack magazine just wrote an interesting article about insurance for e-bikes and pedelec’s, but discusses the electric step shortly as well. For the article, click here.