Are you a …

  • City: empower your environmental profile and keep people living, working in & visiting the city
  • Public transport provider: offer a last mile vehicle to drastically increase the amount of buyers of your services
  • Shop in the city: give your clients a service that makes them come back into your shop, over and over again
  • Bar/restaurant: hard to reach/parking is a huge investment? – we offer a cheaper and more fun alternative
  • Hotel (chain): increase your daily rate by providing transport with a minor footprint, people will love you’re not in the centre of the city
  • Car rentals/sharing platform: raise your rates by providing last mile solutions for your customers that need to go into cities
  • Company: limited parking space/budget for parking spaces, this takes up a fraction and can be stored & charged decentrally, without charging stations and employer investments
  • Other? Let us know, we’ll look how we or a partner can help you.

Make commuting a pleasure

Imagine, no more time-consuming walking, or worse, waiting in traffic… Take your car to the outskirts of the city, pop your trunk, unfold the scooter, and overtake anyone, to be the fastest to your destination. This gadget buys you time, and will soon prove to be a necessity!

Enrich your life. We are a full service partner and make your mobility project dreams a reality.

Still have doubts, we provide the first & last mile wheels, either on a trial basis, rental, subscription or pre-buy basis, an alternative to buying what seems like an expensive gadget at this point in time.

The electric step scooter – a revolution!

The Porsche of scooters, does effortlessly 25km/hr (18mph), also uphill and with a real range of 40km (25miles). It tackles coblestones without breaking a sweat, is light enough to carry and has front AND rear lights. Below is a 2min video clip showcasing the product. From €999!

Why us?

  • Around since 2017 (the early days).
  • The official B2B importer for the Benelux for several brands.
  • Believe in the Dell model: better quality, lead-times & cost by sourcing straight from the brands’ warehouse or even the factory, creating opportunities for you.
  • Extensive expertise on alternatives that we can deliver, but are not on our website for B2C customers.
  • Project AND product development capabilities, both hardware and software (Apps, …), …
  • Offer services to fullfil any of YOUR needs. We believe in a happy customer and will help you, even if we don’t have the products in our portfolio.
  • Training. There’s no need for extensive training, it’s easier than learning to ride a bike. However, we always give any customer training on their products and how to use them. This can be done for large groups AND advanced agility courses can be set up.

An example of a charging station, smart (App) charging lockers, carrying bags, car chargers, top notch foulgear that keeps you and your customers/partners dry in any condition, safety gear, tracking software, … you name it.

We create full-service end-to-end projects to give you the most added value in your business.

Let us know your mobility dreams, we make them reality.