Sneeuw + elektrische step = plezier!

Aangezien ‘t gesneeuwd heeft, vraag je je misschien af of er een step is die krachtig genoeg EN waterdicht is om te proberen? Wel, binnenkort in ons gamma: de Hollyburn P5, buiten categorie. Bekijk de 2min35 clip:

90km/u op een step?

Mogelijk met de Dualtron Thunder, check de winkel voor details (bij Specials). Als je ‘t niet geloofd, HLN heef hierover een artikel

Smart mobility: it works

In Antwerp, the target group’s car usage has dropped from 64 to 43% by using smart alternatives! Anyone want an electric step?      


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No more bikes on the train => e-step!

The NMBS is going to forbid it as from January. No problem (electric) step scooters will remain allowed to be taken onto the train. Read the HLN article here.  

The news on VRT

Today in the news: ‘The electric step scooter is an easy and pleasant additional mean of transportation.’ VRT newslink

Ghent: Car - Or step?

Today: test the theory! Reliable and indepedent data: Google Maps = check! City: Ghent = check! Scenario 1: car = check! Scenario 2: elektric step = a bit faster than a bike, but ok, check! Common sense = YOU will be the judge...

Bar Popular is fan!

Bar Popular’s bartender tried an electric step scooter for the first time yesterday. On possibly the worst Belgian pavé in Ghent (behind Sint Jacobs), he had his doubts. We convinced him to try it later in the evening and... “Woaw, this is super!”